Where the runway meets the street

Stussy Deluxe was first introduced last Fall/Winter season and turned quite some heads, more because of the general idea, then the actual collection. Targeted at a more mature audience, Stussy Deluxe produces in higher quality and pays more attention to cuts. We could right away see the difference on the new pieces, compared to the regular Stussy collection and were excited about this new development. 
Nevertheless we think there is a communication problem with Stussy Deluxe. Prices are very steep compared to regular Stussy product, but many times you see Stussy Deluxe hanging right next to Stussy in stores. The idea of Stussy Deluxe is great, now we just want to see a better overall strategy for the brand. It seems like they are stuck in the middle at the moment. Differentiate it more and make it a stand-alone brand, then people might also be willing to pay the price for it.
Anyways, back to the new collection. Thanks to H(Y)R Collective we can show you some pieces from the new collection. Quality denim, shirts, jackets and some nice accessories make up the new Stussy Deluxe Fall/Winter 2008 collection. Many nice pieces are in the line, especially the bag line and the jackets look great. Look out for it to be available in the coming weeks.
Have a look at the rest of Stussy Deluxe Fall/Winter 2008 collection after the jump.

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