To celebrate the launch of Nike Sportswear, they gave the 5th floor of NikeTown NYC the Sportswear treatment. Most impressive is probably the windrunner installation, which goes over several floors.
“To celebrate the launch of Nike Sportswear, NikeTown New York has completely redesigned its 5th floor, dedicating the entire space to Nike Sportswear.

The new NikeTown 5th floor hasn’t just undergone an architectural revolution but it has also completely changed the products on its shelves. For the first time, you will find the best of Nike Sportswear including our newest, pinnacle apparel line, the NSW Collection.

The opening of the 5th floor is marked by a five story chandelier-inspired installation built around one of Sportswear’s most important silhouettes; the Windrunner. Over 200 Windrunners were used to create this towering spectacle and is representative of the diverse nature of this enduring sport icon. The structure’s most symbolic Windrunner is the US Team model which is being worn by our athletes during Opening and Closing Ceremonies and as they claim their medals on the podiums of Beijing.

While the 5th floor revolution is a permanent fixture of NikeTown, the Windrunner installation will be taken down at the end of the month.”
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