We present you an interesting new truck that was designed by Nike 6.0 and entitled the “Ill Mobile”.
“The 8-wheeled ill-mobile is capable of crossing deserts, climbing mountains and taking the team to any secret spot. Racks for bikes, surfboards, wakeboards, skateboards, mean going anywhere for any scene. There’s an on deck bbq for grilling up fresh meat, a deluxe camper shell salvaged from a junkyard in remote corner of Oregon and a basement couch for a front seat.
Rails to grind are featured on both sides, and a quarter pipe folds down for impromptu sessions. The stereo system requires 2 car batteries, a set of jumper cables and a little luck, but once it’s blasting, it’s like a stick of dynamite in your eardrum.”
Nike 6.0 is right now looking for a proper name for the Ill Mobile, you can leave ananswer here.
After the jump more images of the vehicle.

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