From the ground up

For the majority of folk out there, footwear choices amount to two brand conglomerates. You’ve got your Nike (and Converse) choice or the Adidas/RBK option. Retros, new models, cheapos for Target, Sears and Wal-mart. The big three (now really just two) cover all price points and retail outlets.
For the “adventurous,” footwear choices often amount to the same two brand conglomerates. Plus, a small collection of VANS. Traveling the boutique rout, it is easy to forget the breadth and scope of the big two and focus on the bells and whistles packaging devised to attract “early adaptors” and “cool guys.” Nothing wrong with these affinities (I have a closet full of nikes, adidas and vans),  but there is more to life than a swoosh, three stripes and a vector.
One brand offering respite from the big boys is Pointer. Founded in 2004, Pointer offers simple, clean and well-conceived footwear. They are inspired by basic life activities. Childhood memory. Skating. Breakfast. Ian Rush. And, unfortunately, trips to White Heart Lane.
Gareth Skewis is one of the minds behind Pointer (and the one who, regretfully, takes trips to White Heart Lane). He graciously allowed me to pick his brain about the brand, footwear and the need for ancillary product.  We exchanged emails for roughly a week, learned of some personal commonalities and ended up producing what I believe is an interesting read. Gareth, presumably, was at his office in London, while I was at mine, in Philadelphia.  –Nick Schonberger
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