The quarterbacks of Super Bowl XLII are battling again… this time on the September covers of Men’s Vogue and Esquire. We’ve all become used to seeing Brady on every cover and advert under the sun, but it looks like Manning is making his run at cover-boy. Manning appears on his cover looking very ’80’s Wall Street. Very fitting for the toast of NY (Sorry Farve, bring a title home and you can change that). The winner of this match-up is disputable, but what is not, is how Manning outperformed Brady on the field in February  (I’ve probably just started an internal feud with our managing editor, and Bostonian, sorry JC). The two quarterbacks are a lesson in contrast… one married, quietly living in an apartment Hoboken. The other with a huge L.A. mansion, the super-model girlfriend, and the starlet baby-mama. Via

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