Just last week we presented you the new Silly Thing Store Hong Kong and the opening items of the new store, which will open its doors today. But that’s not all for today. The Silly Thing web presence, around since 2005, will also be going through some transformation and will relaunch today as a full web magazine.
“From 16th August 2008, THINK SILLY blog is transforming itself into THINK SILLY web magazine. This evolution signifies the establishment of SILLY THING towards the new found and sophisticated lifestyle.

It is the aim of THINK SILLY web magazine to develop a complete and forward-thinking platform for web-based information for the new generation. With the vision of the THINK SILLY editorial team, we collect luxurious lifestyle information and articulate them with in depth cultural research to strengthen our audience’s overall sense and knowledge. Music, films, literature, art and design are some of the major content of THINK SILLY web magazine. It is our belief that consumerism should not stand against culture. Rather, the two should be in sync and fulfilling to each other.

Combining the launch of the new THINK SILLY with the contributions of prominent figures around the world, we adopted the word “CHRONICLES” to continue our mission in providing our audience with stronger and richer contents inside.  As you sign up and become a member of the THINK SILLY family, we will regularly update you with the latest SILLY THING news along with the latest information regarding our THINK SILLY Web Magazine and the pre-ordering of exclusive products online.”
Images of the new web magazine follow after the jump.

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