Where the runway meets the street

With their Cosmic Crack Ontour Fall/Winter 2008 collection, Ontour takes a new direction, as all designs are made with local artist “Cosmic Crack and the Powerblast Movement”. Cosmic Crack (aka CrackRock) currently an Eindhoven native, is a botanical artist with a fresh approach to the well known cosmic genre.        

From his early work to his later work with Betamaxxx (of which he is the co-founder) Cosmic Crack has carried his fascination with the unique and unusual into a wide range of multi-media artwork, including various installations,as well as design of concepts that are unsurpassed for their innovation and theoretical intergallactical flair.

All designs / graphics are handmade (no direct computer images), using a combination of cutting, sketching, painting, glueing, spirographs and photography, resulting in a more raw and deep collection.
More to come on the collection later this week. 
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