From the ground up

We present you one of the finest Nike SB releases to be coming out this year. A Nike Blazer SB which has Craig Stecyk and Lance Mountain’s names attached, definitely something major. Mr CR Stecyk III was involved in Dogtown, team Zephyr, worked with Juxtapoz and Arkitip and has a lot more on his platter. 
“On the contrary, and true to unpredictable form, rather than squandering the opportunity, orange nubuck on orange suede with a slightly off-colour midsole and laces, a pleasantly black lining, plus embroidered details on the heel and art on the insole makes for a good look, provided orange is your ‘thing’ and for us, it is.” Via Crooked Tongues.
Have a more detailed look at the Nike Craig Stecyk/Lance Mountain Blazer SB after the jump.

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