Over the last couple of months we have kept you posted on the renovations at famous Parisian concept store Colette. The store worked together with Wonderwall on the redesign, the same architects that are also responsible for all Bape stores worldwide, some Uniqlo stores, the Original Fake store in Tokyo and many other incredible retail outlets around the globe. Thus we had of course big expectations.
In the matter of less than two months they changed the entire store and created something amazing. The sneaker section moved to the ground floor and has become a massive glass sneaker wall. Also they introduce the Tee Box, a large box made out of glass and metal, housing all t-shirts of the store. The Tee Box is also located at the ground floor. Furthermore Colette introduces shop in shops of Original Fake, Bape, Alife as well as BBC/Ice Cream. The Original Fake and Bape sections you can see on the image here above.
Overall the store has been cleaned up and appears much more structured than before. The water bar also got renovated and now has more of a restaurant feel to it than before. Accessories are being presented in free hanging boxes, that are also equipped with light. The magazine section grew in size and is also more organized, just like the Beauty section of the store. On the first floor you still find the gallery, as well as the haute couture brands.

What can we say? Mind-blowing. How can one store do this much? The new design is clean, sleek and displays much better and more efficiently all categories of product that Colette represents and sells. Also it seems like the new interior is much more efficient, allowing Colette to display overall much more product. The amount of sneakers and t-shirts now present, would have been almost un-imaginable in the old interior.

Bottom line, get on a plane, or hop on the train, and check out the new and renovated Colette store live, pictures can only say so much.
We have lots more images of the newly renovated Colette Paris store after the jump.

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