From the ground up

Gram shoes got together with Danish knitwear brand S.N.S. The knitwear experts, known for their heavy winter knits, used for many years by fishermen, have produced laces for Gram, matching their latest range of jumpers.
“In the city of Herning on the Danish island of Jutland lies the knitting mill of S.N.S. Squeezed in between two giant flatbeds on the factory floor stands an old shoelace machine all but forgotten, this collaboration is the story of how it came back to life, and how 250 pairs of handmade wool laces came about. S.N.S. x gram laces will premier exclusively at Solo Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm from September, and later be available through selected stores worldwide for a limited time only. Price €13.99.” Via Sneaker Freaker.
After the jump a closer look at the quality laces.

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