Ever since opening their first location in Portland, we have been big fans of the Ace Hotel and the concept behind the hotels. Now they are ready to take over the Big Apple and will be arriving soon in New York.

“Ace is the low card and the high card.  Our basic rooms are affordable but replete with cool amenities. Our big suites offer all the luxury you would expect from a high-end hotel. Our sensibility is democratic and inclusive. We appeal to a broad spectrum of travelers, directly, without reducing everything to the lowest common denominator.  The proof is in the common areas, where all these disparate types come together in a social place that is both dynamic and intimate, vibrant and warm.

Ace Hotel New York is improvisational, a mix of styles, historical periods and objects that come together in layers. The hotel¹s design takes its cues from the vibrancy of street life, the honesty of materials and the potential of invention. It is about soul, latent in the old architecture and re-introduced through the new design.”

Soon we will be able to show you more. Until then, check out some more images after the jump.

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