From the ground up

A while back we gave you a first look at one of the most interesting collaborations of the year – Carhartt with Vans. As we get closer to the release, which takes place on September 3rd, we present you some newdetailed images of the Chukka and the Half Cab, which are the result of this project.
The concept of the Vans x Carhartt cooperation is simple. Friends put together the most iconic elements from their brand and combine them into one. The result is a unique and limited collaboration reflecting the style and timelessness of each brand.
Carhartt has a long tradition in the skilled trades and it stands for innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort. The use of canvas is legendary for this brand and so it seemed natural to choose Carhartt’s own canvas in the customary colour Carhartt brown for this collaboration.

Within the Vans collections there are a host of styles that fit Carhartt’s demand, so choosing the right styles was simple. It had to be something casual but at the same time special – the Chukka and the Half Cab are exactly that. The Chukka can be worn on any occasion and always looks smart and the Half Cab combines superior design with the skate spirit from the 90’s, when Carhartt first set up their office in Europe. Both styles have the revolutionary cupsole featuring the ultimate combination of boardfeel, grip, support and cushioning to meet the demands of today’s skateboard pioneers. 
The limited collaboration between Vans and Carhartt reflects the great synergy between the two brands and is only available at selected Vans and Carhartt stores across Europe from September this year.

The launch will take place in the morning of the 3rd of September at the Carhartt and Vans store in Paris and Berlin. Special work by British artist French will be shown in all Carhartt stores and a special windows display will be realized by French for the Carhartt and Vans stores in Paris and Berlin.
The shoes will only be available at selected Carhartt stores in Europe including London, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisboa, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Zürich.
After the jump many detailed images of both sneakers, the sneaker box and also the special dustbag that comes with each sneaker.

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