Gram Shoes and the people behind the knitting mills of S.N.S. on the Danish Island of Jutland are looking give some shine to shoelaces. Clearly, we need shoe laces but at time, they are the long forgotten essential in footwear. S.N.S. and Gram are changing that with their collaborative handmade wool laces which will be available via Solo Normalmstorg in Stokholm starting this month (and to select retailers in the coming months).

So how they making them? A classic old shoelace machine of course. “One strand of high quality Italian virgin wool is fed through each of the two runners. With careful hands the threads are pulled through the eyes of the needles and secured on the spinner. The switch is flicked and immediately the shoelace machine awakens from it’s slumber. The finished product gives off the same rugged elegance and indestructible durability as all other S.N.S. garments. Immaculate finish, vivid colours and the perfect balance of utility and style.” Mix and match colors for the perfect look.

More views of the S.N.S. and Gram shoelaces after the jump.

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