In today’s world of mass produced fashion, it is always a pleasure to see companies looking back at their heritage of the past to gain insight into what they once were. Today, many of those same companies recognize what they may have lost in quality is what the market is calling for.. Timberland of New Hampshire is one of those companies. 

This Fall they are launching The Timberland Boot Company Collection to the global market. With the success of the line in the UK, it is about time we see some of these looks outside of London. “The Timberland Boot Company collection is a perfect excuse for the wearer to reconnect with the way his shoes are fashioned and offer meaning through craftsmanship, while maintaining individuality… At the heart of the collection is footwear crafted with materials produced in the industrial age and improved with modern methods.” The collection is now available globally from Boston, New York, Munich, Milan, and Tokyo.

View more looks from The Timberland Boot Company Collection after the jump.

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