Ever been upset by the cost of sporting events? Felt slighted by the concession stands? Robbed by surcharges? So have Stephen F. Ross and Stefan Szymanski. But, unlike you, they actually have a plan. And, they are leaders in Sports Law, so more suited to take action as well.

Fans of the World, Unite! is a clarion call to sports fans. Appealing to anyone who is in despair due to the greed and incompetence of team owners, this book proposes a significant restructuring of sports leagues. It sets out a rational program for a revolution that will serve the best interests of the fans and of the sport itself. But Stephen F. Ross and Stefan Szymanski are no Marxists: they show how a revolution in the organization of sports might even benefit the owners. By harnessing the power of markets, sports leagues can be made both more responsive to the needs of the fans, and more efficient.”

Fans of the World, Unite! is out from Stanford University Press.

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