Each year, Opening Ceremony picks a country and highlights designers from said country in their New York and L.A. boutiques. (Last year’s country was Sweden.) Just got word that come fall, Opening Ceremony’s taking on Japan for a Japan vs. USA extravaganza. They will feature duds by Japanese designers including Green, G.V.G.V, Hiromi Tsuyoshi, Lad Musician, Porter, Vlas Bloome, End Pin, United Arrows (Beauty and Youth), Sabatino, Cosmic Wonder, John Lawrence Sullivan, N. Hollywood, Nude: Mashaiko Maruyama, Toga and Whereabouts. Additionally, in both the New York and L.A. outposts, OC will host the “Opening Ceremony presents Middle Space / Comme des Garcons shop” — the entire CdG fragrance and wallet lines and selections from the Play collection will be on sale. Lastly, OC’s teaming up with Sanrio (the brand behind Hello Kitty and Keroppi) for “Opening Ceremony Loves Sanrio.” To spread the love, there will be pop-up Sanrio shopping stations throughout NY and LA. Via WeAreTheMarket.

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