Freitag of Switzerland is a working example of a company that believes in sustainable products. Their messenger bags and wallet utilize old trucking tarps used in covering goods for long haul transit across Europe. The one single use tarps are transformed into some of the strongest well built bags on the market and one of kind creations. No two bags are identical in materials. I happen to rock a blue wallet. Sure it smells like trucking oil, but at least I know I saved some sliver of tarp from the landfill.

Freitag increases their offering with a new line of Supersport tote bags – the Lois and Clark. Both Supersport bags offer waterproof outers car seat belt handles for durability and toughness. When you buy Freitag, you can expect it to outlive just about anything.

More views of the new Lois and Clark Freitag Supersport Bags after the jump.

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