Sneaky Steve is a shoe brand that fits an important market that tends to be forgotten by many  brands today, the middle ground. Its like being the middle child in someways, where the market is either outpricing you or the lower end is simply too weak to be priced with. The good thing is that this middle ground is what consumers are asking for. Shelling out the big bucks every season for new footwear is not something all can do.

Sneaky Steve fills that gap. “Sneaky Steve is made for all sneaker lovers who want genuine design with an attitude for a bloody good price. Now you dont just one model, buy them all….The materials are based on leather, but you  will of course still find the classical sneaker material canvas in our classic sneaky steve sneakers, Swap High and Dicky Day.”

View the entire Sneaky Steve Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Collection after the jump.

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