Introducing the UNIV for Ellsworth Moment Mountain Bike. This collabor­ation is an extremely limited run of the most versatile full suspension bike. The concept for the UNIV for Ellsworth Moment was to create a detail-oriented, full-suspension street shredder with maximum flare, in contrast to the trend of simplistic throwback re-issues that are now commonplace in street culture. UNIV brings a coastal influence and laid-back outlook to the project, making it a high tech mountain bike for the street. UNIV and Ellsworth worked together for months on the building of the bike and all specifications are to suit the limited collaboration project. The bike had been in discussion for a long time as both brands are located near each other in North San Diego County California. Only six of these bikes will be made and will retail for more than $5000.

The frame and components are 100% made in USA at the Ellsworth facility in Vancouver, Washington. Featuring 6″ of rear travel and Ellsworth’s proprietary Instant Center Tracking suspension, the Moment is the one bike that can go anywhere and do anything.

Images of the Univ For Ellsworth Moment and a t-shirt related to the bike collaborations after jump.

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