For the first time we report today about Mismo, a small Danish bag firm, that presents clean lines and premium materials on their bag collection. In recent years we have become obsessed with bags and every couple of months we come across something that we “need” to have.

Now the issue with leather bags is, that if you change too often, you will never end up having that nice worn look on them. The saying “leather gets more beautiful with time” is something that we believe in, thus one has to make up his mind and use the bags one chooses to buy.

In case you have not chosen yet and need something new, and like us, do not want something that everybody around already has, then we suggest you take a close look at Mismo. They have a strong line-up of all kinds of bags in all sizes, and they are all superbly designed and built with lots of nice details, while never going over board.

Here above you see the Pablo laptop sleeve.

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