Where the runway meets the street

Upper Playground continues to fight the Democratic fight.

“There was a time when John McCain would speak off the cuff, on record, and in plain view of his traveling press corps. He was the “maverick,” with the ongoing campaign to rid the Republican Party of its dependence on cultural wars and right-wing religious zealots. He was a honored POW. He wanted to respect Geneva Conventions. He even wanted to select Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate in these elections.

And then the walls caved in. Palin was picked, the cultural wars created by Richard Nixon in the late 1960’s to attack the liberal East and West coast media bias seeped into his campaign, and the Rove machine has dictated every McCain speech. He wouldn’t allow an unscheduled interview of question. He became a prickly zombie. He became the Manchurian Candidate.

What happens when McCain is elected president and Hanoi becomes the crown jewel of southeast Asia? What happens when the ASEAN becomes just as powerful as NAFTA or the EU?

Upper Playground designed this new Cainchurian Candidate tee-shirt to honor the sudden change in McCain’s “maverick” personality. We know you’re laughing, we know you are thinking how damn clever this tee is, and we know you are going to buy it and wear it around and others are going to laugh with it and think how damn clever you are for wearing a tee that is so damn clever. But, it’s true. And the laughter could stop. Available at our webstore right now,”

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