What I love the most about the two new safes designed by Stockringer for the Bentley Collection are the built in GPS units. Both the “Continental” (designed for securing your jewelry) and the “Arnage” (built to protect your watches) weigh more than life itself and are nealry inpenetrable. Why not throw in a geo-tracker?

“The ‘Arnage’ is an elaborate watch safe equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders for exceptional timepieces… For more than 20 years Stockinger has been integrating watch winder technology into safes. The watch winder run almost noiselessly, an extremely long, disturbance and maintenance free life is guaranteed.”

“The ‘Continental’ has a finish on the drawers and on the safe door which is identical to the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine turning. Engine turning is a labour-intensive process associated with high quality luxury items and is traditionally found on the racing cockpit interiors of one of Bentley’s earliest cars, the Bentley Blower. For the first time, the engine turning technique has been applied to the interior of a safe.” (via sybarites)

View more images of the Bentley Collection Safes by Stockringer after the jump.

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