Where form meets function

Ithoughtiwasalone ( ) is a space dedicated to a new generation of photographers, led by Lele Saveri and Serena Pezzato. Its intent is not only to supply a curated window for up and coming photographers, but also for photographers who are already professionally involved in the business and who need an outlet for “personal projects”. In ITIWA, there are no guidelines for technique, aesthetic, nor content. The aim is solely to show beautiful things. As an old milanese poem states, “Curiosity put eyes in the body of human beings” and not the institution of art, thank god.

For the show during Milan’s Fashion Week, ITIWA set up at VNGRD, their good friends’ showroom. For this show they presented two limited edition t-shirts (15 pieces each, all numbered, available online from VNGRD). One with Carlotta Manaigo’s photograph and the other with Stefan Simikich’s. This concludes the final phase of “This is all I came to do,” the first ITIWA project. The show itself will run till the 4th of October.

View the tees and further images from the ITIWA Exhibition at VNGRD after the jump.

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