The word “galoshes” was introduced to me via the respected Seasame Street TV series back as a child and quickly became a sort of laughing term. Who actually uses the word galoshes? T

he English and SWIMS of Norway definitely carry the tradition. SWIMS has take then age old galosh and transformed it into cool again with two very well deisgned models for me, the “Mobster” high top and “Classic” low. The idea is a pretty simple one and any weathered cyclist will be familiar with them. A pair of SWIMS galoshes wrap around the outside of your shoe giving them the wtaerproof protection they need. This is an ideal solution  for commuters that cycle and/or walk often in rainy conditions. We all know the consequences of a rain soaked leather shoe, so why not drop a few hundo on some protection and keep those wingtips wearable for another few years?

View more imagery of SWIMS “Mobster” and “Classic” golashes after the jump.

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