The 4010 store will be opening its doors in Berlin beginning of October. It will be a new concept shop by the Deutsche Telekom, the first of its kind – a creative playground, research lab and much more! Unlike all other Telekom stores, it will not only present product, but offer artist collaboration t-shirts in collaboration with Artschoolvets, music from the DJ Set and of course your usual Telekom product offering, including cellphones and much more.

It is all about the presentation in the new store and about creating an experience and a connection with the customer. In the future you will be able to get a new phone and at the same time listen to some good tunes, while choosing a t-shirt designed by Skism and Artschoolvets for the store. Did we mention that the 4010 store will also house Europe’s first Multitouch? It’s that crazy touchscreen system that Microsoft developed, thus yet another reason to go check it out.

It is always interesting seeing big corporations taking notice of the importance of the influencer crowd. In the US that might be something rather normal already, but in Europe it is still very new. The 4010 store will open its doors October 6th. Look out for it!

A preview of the Skism t-shirt follows after the jump.

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