In the warm weather, I cycle in a pair of BDU military pants that I cut slightly below the knee. Its a perfect cut for me when riding as it covers the knee while giving good mobility when pedalling. This morning, I fell upon these Tool Project for Kato Japan climbing denim pants that like a lot like my custom cycling shorts, except the Kato’s are built like tanks. Workwear has its advantages.

Kato improves on my design by giving the thigh some bagginess to allow for room to move around while re-inforcing the knee with stitching. Add in two cargo pockets and one reaar pocket and all we’re missing is a lock hangar. For hiking, climbing, or cycling, these Kato denim pants are not to be passed over. Available now form Hymns.

More views of the Tool Project for Kato Japan Clombing Shorts after the jump.

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