At Selectism we love bicycles. We spend hours riding, talking and (sometimes) buying bicycles. We strive to learn as much as possible about them. A guy who loves bicycles more than us and can certainly help in the quest is Francesco Baroni. He’s a freelance writer, competitive cyclist and author of The Bicycle: The Myth and The Passion. The book is out now from Rizzoli and just leap frogged several volumes to near the top of our must read pile.

From the Publisher —

“This handsomely illustrated volume traces the evolution of the bicycle and spotlights landmarks in its illustrious history. From the first sketches in the 1490s by a student of Leonardo da Vinci to the High Wheel Bicycles that had their heyday in the 1880s, hundreds of archival photographs and illustrations depict the features of these and other early ancestors of the modern bicycle, accompanying a text that vividly recreates the excitement of each new innovation. Documenting the advent of ball bearings and pneumatic tires, the development of high-tech racing bicycles and state-of-the-art all terrain bikes with waffle tread tires and heavier frames, The Bicycle examines the models and components that have been the fulfillment of the dreams of visionary inventors. Through an engaging text and vibrant graphics, readers will meet the key players in the world of cycling and gain a newfound appreciation for the colorful history of the bicycle.”

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