Although I’m not a short man, but not exactly tall either, I feel for the short guys. For men under 5’8″, life can be hard when it comes to finding wardrobe essentials with hems that actually hit where they should. For those of you that fall under that classification, Short Shrifted has and interview with Macy’s Men’s Fashion Director Steve Cardino (who’s 5’6″). He covers everything from alteration advice, to shorty friendly “the rock-star trend”, to Macy’s fall ’09 collection Steve calls “Here Comes the Son.” And stay tuned for part two, in which they’ll discuss specific brands that fit, shopping the Boys Deptarment, apparel industry trends, and short celebrities. Use the advice for what it’s worth, but you probably don’t want to do your shopping at Macy’s, unless ofcourse you’re into that kind of thing.

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