Where the runway meets the street

Boston’s Ready Amongst Willing is one of the rare companies that manufactures products out of love and reverence for their core activities. In their case, its skateboarding. Since 2006, they’ve built slowly and consistently, forging an identity with bold and direct graphics. Aside from love and reverence for their favored sport, the guys at RAW are also highly involved in their local scene, and in particular recognize the importance of the scenes history.

A Positive Kit grows out of this interest. RAW has worked with Matt O’Brien, owner of the now passed but not forgotten Positive Skateshop. Located on Newbury Street in Boston, the shop was a hub of activity for skaters from across New England. In the tradition of the shop and the second collaborator, Matty Johnson’s influence, A Positive Kit helps keep the regions skate story alive. On the simplest level, they do that by providing everyday hardwear that allows sessions to keep rolling. Tool kits for allen head and phillips head are available, along with a nice series of logo product.

Check out A Positive Kit, presented by RAW, after the jump.

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