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Head Porter, Japan’s most famous bag company comes together with Buzz Rickson (Sugar Cane) and William Gibson to bring us this new collection of bags. The fabrics used for the collection is nylon originally developed for military bulletproof vests, which is 5 times stronger than regular nylon fabric, and genuine horse leather made for Buzz Rickson’s A-2 jackets. Both bags come with a Porter MAG light as a zipper pull, various inner hidden pockets, gusseted outer pockets, removable shoulder straps, and more. There is also a William Gibson party coming up at Self Edge on November 9th with the man himself, more information to follow.

A fantastic project with a beautiful outcome. The mix of high quality nylon and leather turned out really nice. Also the contrasting brown leather tag and Mag Lite are nice design details.

Both the shoulder bag and the laptop bag (book bag) are now available Self Edge and via the online store in extremely limited quantities.

Have a more detailed look at the Head Porter x Buzz Rickson x William Gibson line-up of bags after the jump.

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