Where form meets function

Charles Saatchi opened a new gallery and thanks to Wallpaper we get a first look at the surprisingly modern built-out.

“Architects AHMM made sure to get a good number of airy, white classic gallery spaces, as well as a top floor with more loft-style, slightly industrial space. The interiors are equally simple, elegant and clean. From walls, to floors and ceilings, the design allows plenty of space and light for the impressive, and in most cases, large-sized artwork to breath freely.

The inaugural exhibition, ‘The Revolution Continues: New Art From China’, is a collection of strong works by confident and often controversial Chinese artists. Whether you smirk or cringe at the hilariously wicked ‘Old Persons Home’ by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu (above) or find Zhang Dali’s Chinese Offspring deeply moving or unspeakably crass, we challenge you not to stop and stare. Philips de Pury & Company also has its own Gallery Room, featuring as the first show, the work of artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel.”

As expected, the new Saatchi space is clearly worth a visit!

More images of the new Saatchi gallery follow after the jump.

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