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For the Holiday 2008 season, Altamont has aligned with Mike Jones and Mikhail Bortnik for an eerie collaboration of t-shirts based on the panic and shock of horror pictures and the merciless existence of street thugs.

Applying his sh*t-kicking Midwest upbringing to the no-nonsense approach of the east coast, Brooklyn based artist Mike Jones has subtly infiltrated the apparel world with his bold graphic style. His clients include Mishka NYC, Mighty Healthy, Reason, Beautiful Decay, SHQ, Mad Decent, Kid Robot and now Altamont. Mike’s graphic work embodies a diverse array of styles and draws on his fondness for crass humor, T & A, loud music and cartoon mutants. Currently, he can be found drawing pictures, drinking beer and keeping it trill.

Mikhail was born in 1978 in the former Soviet Union Republic of the Ukraine. At the age of one, his family left their country of birth for Brooklyn, New York. Due to limited resources and permission, he had to be smuggled out of the U.S.S.R. in a suitcase. Mikhail has done art and design work for Marvel Comics, advertising and children’s book publishing before founding Mishka NYC in 2003. He is currently the co-owner and creative director at Mishka and still lives in Brooklyn.

Mikhail found Mike Jones in the back hills of the Midwest in 2005. Since then, Mike has collaborated with Mikhail on the creative side of Mishka NYC.

With Altamont the two designers worked on a series of three t-shirts, that will be coming out in the following weeks.

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