I caught a episode of the show E60 on ESPN last week which featured NHL scoundrel and ex­Vogue intern Sean Avery. It explores the man who has quickly become the darling of the fashion industry for not much more than his money, interest in fashion, and dating the ‘hot’ women of the scene. It begins with a montage of Avery playing hockey and sitting front row at the Marc Jacobs spring 2009 show, definitely a contrast.

He tells how his fashion interest began as a child when he would steal dolls from his babysitters. He also discusses his Vogue days, and dragging his teammates to Neiman Marcus. But what I found most interesting is his view of the role he plays not just on the teams he has played on, as “the most hated man in the game”, but the interest he brings to what has quickly faded into a fringe sport. He truly believes he could turn the sport around and promote and grow it better than the current commissioner. It’s definitely a video worth watching, see it here.

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