Where the runway meets the street

Few graphic series succeed in producing continued quality and thoughtful design. One that does is the Burton Artist series. The current theme “Design of Dissent” gives each artist a strong working platform, and beyond those that are chosen are done so with a watchful eye. The result is drops that don’t skirt individuality in a quest for conformity — a requirement in a positive string of connected product.

The latest artist to work Burton’s t-shirt canvas is John Yates. He’s worked as artistic director of Alternative Tenticles, and with his own Stealworks actively designs for alternative press. For Burton, he’s done 4 tees. Each hits the nail on the head in terms of the umbrella theme. Visit your nearest Burton flagship store to grab one (or all).

Via: Blacklodges

Detailed views of John Yates Burton Artist Series T-shirts after the jump.

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