Tune in and turn up

Praised by iconic DJ Hiroshi Fujiwara, collaborated with French designer Jean Touitou of A.P.C. and featured in Uniqlo’s compilation CD, Ino Hidefumi s one of the most beloved musicians and the best kept secret by the fashion communities in Tokyo and Europe. Born on July 26th, 1970 in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan, INO is now based in Ebisu, Tokyo and presides over Innocent records and Tenement.

Despite wide popularity in the inner circles, his music has not been released in the US until now. “Living Message” is Ino’s latest, and can be heard in snippets at

The album is now on sale in hard copy at Kinokuniya Bookstore, NYC at 1073 Avenues of the Americas (between 40th and 41st Streets).

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