Where form meets function

As part of Design Philadelphia 2008, A Clean Break is presented by Minima Gallery. Located at 313 South Broad, the exhibition is open daily. Highlights include the MiniHome from Sustain Design/Altius Architecture, Leaning Molds designed by Maruja  Fuentes, and Furniture from Miami’s PIE Studio. It remains open until October 30, 2008.

About A Clean Break —

“Across the United States, there is a vast influx back into our cities. People are interested in the vitality of city-life — in what is current, creative and pushing us forward as a culture — and certainly, this also attests to the kind of place people want to call home. The resurgence of modern prefab is presented as an alternative to new urban development — homes that are refreshing, honest and complimentary to their historical counterparts — considering their relevance to affordable housing and parallel with the green building movement. For newcomers and old-timers alike — irregardless of neighborhood or economic status — innovation in design should, and can be an option. Through partnerships with various Philadelphia community groups and professional organizations, the true potential of the proposed work within the city is explored.”

The Leaning Molds and an example of the PIE furniture on display at A Clean Break follows.

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