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Gathering 22 of the world’s key retailers, from streetwear stores to high end boutiques – all with their own individual vision concerning design and style – the aZX project comprises an open brief for limited-edition release collaborations to run alongside classic adidas ZX running shoe designs.

The logical conclusion to the aZX concept is to take the project and alphabet full circle by celebrating it with the two minds behind the adidas ZX legacy.

Jacques Chassaing and Markus Thaler, have played unique roles in the birth and ongoing love affair that shoe connoisseurs have with our brand and the ZX running collection both past and present, Jacques is one of the famous adi designers responsible for many iconic adidas styles including all the ZX designs, while Markus was the shoe craftsman who brought all the iconic and timeless shoes to life.

Jacques began his shoe making and designing career in the early 1970’s, being a key member of adidas France from its inception in 1981 and progressing to his current role as Design Concepts Director.

Markus started his career with adidas back in early 70’s working alongside Adi Dassler, learning from the master himself and continuing adi’s craftsmanship legacy in the creation of some of the most famous styles, more recently playing a leading role in the development of the Equipment and Torsion-bar ranges.

Both men are constantly striving to improve and innovate, and the finale of the AZX collection offers a rare opportunity for these pioneers to revisit the much-revered ZX 8000 silhouette and create a handmade interpretation of the design that embellishes the shoe’s key elements using the finest, most cutting edge materials and applications.

There couldn’t be a more appropriate conclusion to a celebration of a seminal running shoe on a grand scale as the original collaborators return to the iconic source material once again with the legendary stripes, lines and panels revisited, and the ZX truly redefined.

The ZX 8000, which makes up the Z and X in the alphabet of the collaboration series, will be released in very limited quantities. Each consortium retail partner will receive only one (1) pair of the sneaker and can choose how to give them away. Wood Wood for example chose to make a competition and ask people to create their own alphabet. Check that out here.

Now head on after the jump, to see lots of detailed images of the adidas “Jacques Chassaing & Markus Thaler” ZX 8000.

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