Where the runway meets the street

A sure sign that workwear is about to the mainstream is a mention in a major newspaper. Though the New York Times may not be the first NYC based newspaper to pick up on the theme of workwear (see the Observer’s story from 10/7), they do get it right in finding the right people to historically reference the significance of the movement.

“When the going gets tough, the tough shop the hardware aisle…’You can count on them,’ Ms. Toledo said, referring to her carpenter pants, the light denim trousers with a high-rise waist, wide legs, topstitched seams, side pockets and loop for holding a hammer. ‘You know how they feel. You’re confident in them’… There is one other thing in their favor besides utility and longevity; they cost about $25 a pair.”

A solid read for anyone interested in workwear. Find it now at The New York Times.

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