In Colonial America, the chair table was a piece of furniture born mostly out of necessity and cramped living quarters. There wasn’t a whole lot going on in terms of decorative flourish, or even thought given to reducing weight for that matter. They were simple. The back rotated over the seat and arm rests, on a hinge, to create the table top. Quick movement and BAM! dinner served.

In reality, it wasn’t quite that simple, though the general notion of a chair table remains pretty basic. Ellen Ectors manages, rather impressively, to make it fun as well. Her SwiTHCH table and Chair may remind some of the glory of a goal. Others, children’s play areas. But, deep down it serves a function without bowing to the norms. As table it is more graceful, but in both set ups, the design generates some excitement.

Via: DecoJournal.

The SwiTCH as chair after the jump.

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