Notcot has a feature on this very interesting pair of eye/sunglasses for the person who cannot keep track of both. Designed by Giulio Lacchetti, the 4 Occhi Aspesi 1910 glasses are built on a dual use frame that houses two sets of glasses on the body.

“A pair of glasses with four lenses that could be customized according to one’s desires. 4occhi can be both glasses and sun glasses, glasses for near-sighted and far-sighted people. All the possibilities your imagination suggests you are possible. 4occhi allows you to have two pairs of glasses always with without the need to remember them or search for them!” 

Check the Notcot feature page on the 4 Occhi for comments on some opinion about how they’re availability through a boutique makes them more interesting than say if they were available in an airlines sky catalog. Interesting.

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