From the ground up

Only yesterday we reported that next to the Jeremy Scott collection, there will also be a collection by Alyasha Owerka-Moore of Fiberops and by Kazuki of Fragment Design as part of the adidas Originals by Originals theme in Spring 2009.

Today we can give you a complete preview of the Alyasha collection, which was inspired by Americana and vintage culture.

“Alyasha celebrates the special twist on Americana with an Originals flavor that comes across classic looks. Heavy cotton and genuine materials play a big role together with vintage details and remarkable graphics. Footwear highlight Jivebomber represents a combination of an Oxford-style silhouette and sneaker outsole.
“I hope that my contribution does justice to the Originals by Originals project as a whole. The inspiration came from classic 1940’s and 50’s styles, with what I hope will be recognized as a somewhat contemporary twist. Easy to wear for the discerning cad.” In the end, it is the sum of the various designer contributions that defines Originals by Originals and makes it exceptional.”

The collection consists of jackets, tops, as well as some very interesting footwear. The first part of the collection will be released in February 2009, the second part in May. The collection will be available at premium accounts around the globe, including Caliroots in Sweden.

Now check out the complete collection here.

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