Where form meets function

Each season superFishal introduces a new series of three collaborative board graphics which are screenprinted in small limited editions. The concept is to take two artists with completely different styles and have them converge to make a really unique board graphic. This Fall/Winter season sees Jeremy Fish collide with skater/artist Andy Howell to form ‘The Spirit’ deck, which features a couple of Jeremy’s classic figures set in a back drop of Howell’s intricate brush strokes. In his collaboration with Mike Giant entitled ‘The Serpent’ we see Jeremy’s style mashed into Mike’s tattoo based creations. And Jeremy’s conspiring with Scrawl Collective’s WIll Barras leads to a board called ‘The Stack’ which features the motorcycle version of Noah’s Ark.

Jeremy Fish’s most recent New Era collaboration has also arrived. The “Bunny Head” generated some smiles amongst the crew when we were at MAGIC. It is a genuinely amusing design.

All available at Upper Playground.

Check out the New Era after the jump.

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