Where form meets function

The ESPO installation at Colette is a two part-er. On site “A True Provider is Good to Find” presents paintings from ESPO’s “Using Other Peoples Electricity to Light Your House” series. These, in essence, are portraits capturing the everyday. No celebrity. No flash in the pants hot art style. ESPO’s intent is simple, to use art to bring attention to things worth knowing.

This idea is central to the second part, L’attraction de la Boue. Here, ESPO and Matt Goias engage in a public art project leading to world aids day, December 1. Following their 2006 project protecting the prostitutes of Canal Street, the duo hit Paris, again using the rain coat as a metaphor for who in society needs the most and should be provided shelter (both physically and emotionally). Goias has created commemorative hotel keys for the project, and the tie in back to the on site, is that these will be sold in limited signed numbers at Colette starting December 1.

Images of the work of both ESPO and Goias after the jump.

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