There are a number of strong titles related to specific themes in architecture publishing throughout the next few months. Among them, Kieran Long’s Hatch: The New Architectural Generation. Long distinguishes himself by picking a theme that is neither set in stone, nor completely amorphous. Attention is granted to architects working in creative studios, not tied to traditional definitions of creative outlet. The effect, as Long suggests, is that they have an ability to appeal to our fast paced information age. Multi-discipline, rather than single focus. Wallpaper* (who we must also thank for the images) broke it down simply, “As a demonstration of how creative practice is responding to an image driven world, Hatch is hard to beat.”

Long is editor of Architects Journal. For Hatch he selected over 100 architects, designers, bloggers and writers that represent the new generation of leaders, as he sees it. The book published in September.

A sampling of pages from Hatch follows.

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