Where the runway meets the street

We’re big fans of Oi Polloi here at Selectism, so it’s interesting to see how co-founder Steve Sanderson dresses. The Guardian’s close-up feature quizzes Sanderson on his personal look, if he gets everything from his shop (yes is the somewhat obvious answer) and what influences the way he dresses. A point he brings up is how youth cultures have changed.

He says, “I grew up in the early 80s (I’m 42 now) and then there was a lot more separation in youth culture than there is now. There were skinheads, rockers, football casuals (even though I don’t like that term). I always felt that I was crossing genres, because I was going to heavy-metal clubs but dressed in sports casual gear. That cross-pollination of pulling looks from different areas is where I’m coming from.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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