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For their upcoming December 2008 tour of Japan and Australia, seminal 1980’s straight edge hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits have teamed up with San Francisco’s Super7 to create a vinyl figure of their mascot, the Gorilla that graced the cover of their first self-titled 7″. Considered to be one of the greatest NYHC bands of all time, and many say the single most important of the late 80’s NYHC explosion (along with labelmates Youth of Today and Judge), Gorilla Biscuits left a wake beyond the straight edge and hardcore scene, and dented the entire punk scene as a whole, crossing scenes and genres the likes of which only Minor Threat before them had been able to do. More than 20 years after their initial single and follow up “Start Today” lp, Gorilla Biscuits are defining hardcore for an entire new generation of fans and bands.

The Gorilla vinyl figure first release will be a white, blue and black colorway, set to match the first pressing of the self-titled 7″, and will be available only from the band during their December tour. A small amount of the figure will also be available from Super7 in early December. Due to the overwhelming interest in the figure, Super7 has released this picture of the first prototype test shot of the new figure. As if their legitimacy to make the figure needed questioning, record collectors and Gorilla Biscuits fans everywhere have been gawking at the promotional photograph, showing the new figure nestled among rare pressings of the first 7″, including the near mythical “102” pressing of the 7″, as well as one of only 3 known to exist off-white vinyl copies of the original 7″. (records courtesy of Super7 owner and designer Brian Flynn’s personal collection.) The figure will retail for roughly 6,000yen.

Also available exclusively during the tour is a Gorilla Biscuits collaboration tee with iconic Japanese street fashion brand Bounty Hunter. Seizing on their opportunity to work with one of Hikaru’s favorite bands of all time, the t-shirt features the giant Gorilla front and center in typical Bounty Hunter style.

Check the t-shirt after the jump.

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