From the ground up

Here on Highsnobiety we’ve spent considerable time linking elements of culture and discussing how trends and styles move over place and time. Music, as we’ve established, is one of the great catalysts. For the latest series of Brazil Custom Nike SB Dunk Low, the Brazilian trio of Rodrigo Peterson, Cezar Gordo and Fabio Cristiano have followed on this thought. Well, not directly from us! But, they have drawn inspiration from the Walkman and given it salute as THE pre-ipod era music box for the skater.

Each of the trio picked one element of the walkman to highlight on their shoe. Peterson chose the walkman itself, Gordo the headphones, and finally, Cristiano the cassette tape. Together they tell a full tale of the entanglement of skate and sound. At least on the surface…

Via: Sneaker Freaker

Check out details of each of the Nike SB Dunk Low Brazil Custom Series kicks after the jump.

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