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From setting off in Tokyo Harajuku, to landing in Europe — the international stage of fashion, Under Cover has quickly launched itself to be one of the top ‘super brands’. A long time coming, the six and a half years of Under Cover are captured in Yoshie Tominaga lens and materialised in the latest photography title ‘the Shepherd’.

Under Cover’s ‘A Documentary from Paris 2002 – 2006’ is 194 pages in length, ten seasons in counting from ‘Scab’ to ‘Purple’. Captivating behind the scene fragments such as last minute backstage tension and concentrated facial expressions on the staffs are truthfully conveyed by Yoshie Tominaga. After ‘the Shepherd’, Katsuhide Morimoto will take over to record Under Cover’s future in the making. Via Think Silly.

The Undercover “The Shepherd” book is now available at Undercover Hong Kong.

Unit 11, G/F, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
+852 2881 8002
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Some more images from inside the book follow after the jump.

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