There are quite a few varieties of CH07 Shell Chairs about. Hans Wegner (Danish) designed the seating furniture, and they were first produced in 1963. As you may have noticed, 2008 has birthed a popular trend in “limited” and numbered re-makes of mid-century classics. Nothing inherently wrong here, the CHO7 Shell is a fine chair, unique in shape and eye catching without raising eyebrows. Cost of production for a good re-make seems to, at face value, keep runs low, so the idea of having to push a “limited edition” just comes off as forced marketing.

Let us, instead of hyping the release structure of new version, celebrate what’s unique about the build. “Zebrano” veneer adds striped intrigue to the molded wood. A higher grade of leather has met with the upohsltry. In short, a bit of thought has come into the production. And, really, that is what we want to see. The silver plated “limited tag,” that we could do without. (via retro to go)

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