Where the runway meets the street

Final Home, once the name of a survival jacket in the Issey Miyake line (way back in 1991) was spun off into its own line focused on producing outerwear that could be described as the “ultimate shelter.” The company produces many goods but this overcoat is simply the standout piece. When you see it, you know it’s Final Home. As delivered, the Final Home overcoat is made from waterproof outershell with 46 built in pockets. These pockets exist to stuff or unstuff with paper, leaves, packing popcorn, or anything else you can find to heat you or cool you when needed. You can also store some goodies in there but good luck gowing through the airport with this one on. Unlike the Merrell Gatherer Jacket, the Final Home is long enough to cover most to the knees. Available now from CR.

More views of the Final Home Home-1 Long Overcoat after the jump.

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